Sunday, December 20, 2015

Where to find coupons

1. The Weekend paper - The paper I used to get in MN would always say on the front page how many dollars worth of coupons were in that paper. If I thought that number was low then I wouldn't bother buying it that week. Most newspapers give the option of subscribing to only the weekend paper, some may be more or less expensive then just going to the nearby gas station and picking it up. When getting coupons in the newspaper I usually buy 4 copies because there are a handful of coupons that will limit you to only 4 of that coupon in a transaction. That poor cashier is already stressed enough with that handful of coupons and the people in line behind you are also irritated, I hate throwing in more transactions then needed. If you have seen the TLC show you can go rummage through recycling bins or harass your neighbors.

2. Internet - is a good site for coupons. You click the coupons you want and then print them at home. It usually prints 3 coupons to a page. The one reason I don't like printing is because the coupons don't need to be so big and printer ink is ridiculously expensive. The coupons will usually also print in color so to save ink change the settings to black and white., chances are you use a lot of products from P&G, Tide, Dawn, Pampers, all the favorites. They have coupons on their website with a similar set up to Just add the coupons to your basket and print at the end. You can also shop on P&G, the have limited time offers that will have some products on sale from 10%-50%. I am unsure if you are able to clip coupons from there site and use it on items ordered from there. I don't see why not, but I can't say for sure. Dollar General, you make an account online, click the coupons you want, and at checkout you just click the DG Coupons logo on the credit card screen and enter your phone number. Any items bought that have a coupon through your account will have the coupon applied.

3.Apps - has an app, but you still have to print the coupons. Cartwheel, the target app, I wish more coupon apps were like this. You can search through the app by category or you can even scam the item you are holding in your hand to help search for coupons. This app has not only manufacturer coupons but coupons for targets market pantry brand. Many of the coupons are % of a product or brand rather then a specific $ off. When you are done just hand your phone to the cashier and there is just one bar code for them to scan to have all your coupons applied. However the app does limit you to 14 coupons. RetailMeNot is more of a pleasure shopping app, it has discounts at store, not so much coupons. It is a good app to have and the discounts are not limited to stores. I went on a vacation and was using Spirit airline, decided to check the app for any offers. I found an offer for 7,000 miles and all i had to do was write a complaint about an airline. Account number... Airline Name... "They lost my bag"... Next week 7,000 miles showed up on my account. When getting off the plane they offered another 5,000 miles to sign up for their credit card, I knew I wouldn't get approved thanks to student loans, but now I have enough miles for one flight.

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