Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mail in Rebate

Menards just sent out a "Really Last Minute Christmas Sale" ad. Anything free I love. Who cares if I actually need it, it's free! They do have a rebate limit on items, but I double mine by sending in a rebate slip with my name and address and another with my name and mom's address. If you have any home improvement or big projects you've been waiting for Menards has an 11% rebate on everything sale. We saved a couple thousand when we remodeled our home. With a Menards mail in rebate you have to use it at Meanrds so its kind of like getting a gift card. The sucky think about mail in rebates is they are slow, you'll probably forget all about them until they show up finally, but in the end the items is cheaper/free. If an item says instant rebate, that means when you get to check out that rebate is going to come off right then and there.

Enough Gibber Gabber! In this add are...

Licensed gift bags (Teety/Frozen/Superman/ToyStory/Turbo) limit of 6-Normally $3.97 with a mail in rebate for $3.97

Ear buds(Always needed, easy to gift) limit of 2-Normally $4.99 Mail in rebate of $4.99

Mini Body Messager (Easy to gift,nice to have) limit of 2-Normally $4.00 Mail in rebate of $4.00

Beverage dispensers have been seen everywhere lately and not that cheap, even for the plastic ones. They have a two pack that each hold 1.75 gallons, have a little ice container at the bottom to keep beverages cool but not water them down, and chalk board tags. I have a wedding, birthday party, and holidays this coming year so I will be getting them while they are hot.

Beverage Dispenser 2-Pack (great for gatherings) Limit 2- Normally $16.99 mail in rebate of $7.00
    -$ 7.00
     $9.99 <--Not free but still worth it if you need them

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